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Complain about us

We aim to provide high quality services and to conduct our business in a professional and diligent way, according due respect to everyone we work with. We acknowledge, however, that sometimes we could do things better and sometimes we will make mistakes. We welcome feedback about our work and the opportunity to put things right wherever possible.

Types of complaints

The Commissioner may consider the following types of complaints about the work or conduct of the Commissioner's office.

Service failure

As an independent public official, the Scottish Information Commissioner provides a range of services. The Commissioner may receive complaints about any aspect of the way that services have been delivered to the public and to public authorities. Examples of service failures might include inaccurate information on our website, or wrong advice in response to an enquiry. It can also include the way in which the Commissioner or the Commissioner's staff have managed an application for decision e.g., where the Investigation Procedures have not been applied appropriately.


The Commissioner requires staff to meet high standards in the way in which they conduct their business. These standards are set out in the Employee Handbook, issued to all staff upon appointment.

The Commissioner cannot, however, accept complaints about determinations or decisions on applications. When a decision is issued to you the covering letter will explain that you have the right to appeal the decision to the Court of Session on a point of law. If you are dissatisfied with a determination (other than decision) made by the Commissioner you should seek legal advice on whether it is appropriate to seek judicial review.

Complaints procedure

The Commissioner has produced a leaflet which sets out how to make a complaint and what will happen afterwards.

You can download the leaflet here: How to make a complaint.

Alternatively, contact us to request a copy of complaints procedure:

Scottish Information Commissioner
Kinburn Castle
Doubledykes Rd
St Andrews
KY16 9DS

Email: enquiries@itspublicknowledge.info
Tel: 01334 464610

Unacceptable behaviour

The Commissioner will refuse to consider complaints if they are accompanied by unacceptable behaviour or where they make unreasonable demands on the resources of the office.

The Commissioner has a duty of care to his employees and a duty to ensure that the organisation is able to provide services to all who want them.

You can download a copy of our policy here: Unacceptable Actions Policy.

Alternatively, contact us (as above) to request a copy.