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Logo and visual identity

Logos and visual identity

The Commissioner has adopted a specific 'visual identity' to ensure our materials are professional, consistent and easy to recognise. The identity is made up of a number of components - a suite of logos, a palette of colours and selected fonts. There are specific guidelines for choosing the right components and applying them correctly.

This page offers guidance on using the Commissioner's visual identity, and includes a library of different versions of the Commissioner's logos, which can be downloaded from this page for use free of charge. All we ask is that, if you want to us the logos, that you follow the guidance below.

Visual identity guidelines

These Guidelines provide details of how to use the Commissioner's visual identity, including our logo. Here you will find guidance on issues such as choice of logo, colours, maximum and minimum sizes, logo placement, and the Commissioner's fonts. We ask that you observe the guidance to help protect the integrity of the Commissioner's visual identity - if in any doubt, please contact us and we will be able to offer you advice.

Download our Visual Identity Guidelines here. 

Logo sizes

Please take particular care to observe the minimum size guidelines for using our logo. Reducing the logo beyond these minimum sizes makes the text illegible.

If you have a restricted space available for the logo, contact us for advice.

Please also remember:

  • The minimum size of the logo is 25mm.
  • Always use the logo as a whole.
  • Avoid using a background colour that clashes with the logo.
  • Do not crop, squash or rotate the logo.

Which file format?

The Commissioner's logos are available in two commonly used file formats.

  • EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) - this is the original 'vector' graphic (i.e. line drawing). It can be scaled up or down without losing any image quality, but EPS files require specialist Illustration Software to open. They are suitable for design/print professionals only.
  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) - this is a compressed image made up of pixels. It will lose image quality if it is enlarged, but the files are much smaller. Useful for in-house documents such as PowerPoint presentations.

The logos

Version 1 Download

This is the preferred version - always use this version unless indicated elsewhere below. 

  • Should only be used on a white or light cream background only
  • On public facing, promotional items