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Our strategic and operational approaches

Our strategic and operational approaches

The Commissioner's Strategic Plan 2024-2028 includes six strategic objectives:

  1. Increase knowledge and understanding of FOI rights
  2. Enable and support high standards of FOI law, policy and practice
  3. Develop Scottish public sector culture and practice where the disclosure of information is routine, valued, and increasingly proactive
  4. Deliver fair defendable decisions in a timely and efficient manner
  5. Contribute to Scotland being respected as a world-leader in openness and transparency
  6. Be recognised as an organisation of independent and trusted experts that is run efficiently, governed effectively and is open and transparent.

To support the achievement of some of these objectives, we have set out a strategic approach or framework for certain key areas. These guiding documents inform the specific activities to be carried out each year, described in our Operational Plans.

Download it here: Improving Public Authority FOI Practice: Our Strategic Approach 2024 to 2028.