Practitioner Survey 2022

FOI Practitioner Survey 2022

Between January and February 2022 the Commissioner carried out a survey of Scotland's FOI practitioners, gathering information on the views and experience of staff with day-to-day responsibility for delivering FOI within Scotland's public authorities.

195 practitioners from across Scotland's FOI community responded to the survey. 

A summary of key findings and the full report from this survey activity are available below.


Key Findings

Key findings from the report include:

  • Practitioners view FOI as important right
    82% of respondents consider FOI to be an important right, while 77% feel that it makes their organisation more open and accountable.
  • Practitioners have confidence in their skills
    95% of respondents expressed confidence in their skills and knowledge to be an effective FOI practitioner. 80% also agreed that their FOI advice was valued in their organisation (with only 4% disagreeing).
  • Practitioners would like to seek the profile of FOI and FOI practitioners elevated within organisations
    Suggestions included the creation of a dedicated FOI Officer role and the development of a nationally accredited qualification.
  • Practitioners would like to see changes made to the FOI 'publication scheme' duty
    A range of comments and suggestions for improvements to the FOI duty to publish information were shared.
  • Practitioners find the Commissioner's support valuable, but would like to see further developments
    Suggestions include bespoke training for practitioners and the development of additional guidance.