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Changing how we seek information from authorities

Changing how we seek information from authorities

7 April 2021

From next month, we're changing the way we ask authorities to give us the information we need for our investigations.

Up to now, we've asked for two copies of the information that is the subject of the requester's appeal - one full copy, and another that is redacted to show what information was disclosed to the requester.

From 1 May 2021, we'll only ask for one copy of the information.

We'll still need to know what information authorities have refused to disclose and what information is not within the scope of our investigation, of course, so we'll be asking authorities to show this by marking up the copy of the information they send us. When we ask for the information, we'll give examples of how we'd like this to be done.

We hope this will reduce the burden on authorities - particularly important with so many of us working from home.