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Module 1: Responding on time

Module 1: Responding on time

This module focuses on helping your authority meet its duty to respond to FOI requests and reviews within 20 working days. By meeting the timescales, right first time, every time, public trust will increase and your authority will reduce the risks of extra work associated with late responses (reviews and appeals).

Module content

The module looks at the following areas of practice:

  • Authority culture - Do leaders and managers set targets for response times, do they make sure there are enough resources to meet them?
  • Tracking, monitoring and reporting performance - How is performance against timescales reported? What happens when business areas don't comply?
  • Knowledge and awareness - Is everyone clear it's their responsibility to meet the statutory timescales?
  • Policies and procedures - Are your systems up to scratch? Is there action to resolve delays to prevent late responses?